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Ai Chi General Introduction

Ai Chi has proven to be effective for persons with various diseases, like e.g. multiple sclerosis. Recent research has shown (very) positive effects on fatigue, balance, muscle strength, pain, stiffness, and autonomy. What is Ai Chi and why is this method so effective?


General Information

Username and password for this website will only be sold to participants of Clinical Ai Chi courses, recognized by the Association IATF, registered in Valens, Switzerland and affiliated to the Kliniken Valens.

Ai Chi in guideline

The Dutch Clinical Practice Guideline for Physical Therapy in patients with stroke (2014) has included a paragraph on hydrotherapy/aquatic therapy, mentioning in particular Halliwick and Ai Chi.


Stating that there is level 1 evidence for chronic stroke patients that hydrotherapy increases muscle strength of the paretic leg of patients. The guideline development team recommends considering aquatic therapy to increase muscle strength. This may involve aerobic training, functional gait training, or exercises using the Halliwick and Ai Chi methods.


Note: The recommendation is based on literature till 2012, including a publication from Noh at al in Clinical Rehabilitation, and from Lambeck & Gamper , Lambeck & Bommer about Halliwick Aquatic Therapy (HAT) and Clinical Ai Chi (CAC) in Comprehensive Aquatic Therapy. The guideline development team expects a need for an update within 2 years in view of the increasing amount of publications, which also holds true for HAT and CAC. Since 2012 at least 15 moderate to high level studies have been published about HAT or CAC in various patient groups.

About the IATF

The Association IATF (International Aquatic Therapy Faculty) is a charity according to the Swiss Civil Law Act, article 60ff (ZGB). It has been filed in Valens, Switzerland.


IATF is committed to aquatic therapy, initiates and develops this worldwide. To achieve this aim, the association installed subgroups in order to comply with the specific developments in the various methods and techniques of aquatic therapy. One of the subgroups is the Clinical Ai Chi group.


IATF conducts and maintains a world-wide network, in cooperation with national and international aquatic groups and with – applied science – universities. The goal is to keep track of developments in aquatic (physical) therapy and as much as possible to comply with recommendations. Further information can be found at


Ai Chi® has been registered for the European Union by Jun Konno and Johan Lambeck. The use of the name Clinical Ai Chi® and it’s logo has been granted by Jun Konno.


General Data Protection Regulation statement


This website’s objective is to give information about a certain concept in aquatic therapy as taught by the Association IATF. The Association IATF does not collect data of those that log in to access the member part. Username and password have been bought at an IATF course whilst providing name and email address. Name, email address, username and password are kept in a database and cannot be accessed by anyone but the database moderator. Members can ask for removal any time by mailing to

The Association IATF does not share data with other organizations and does not use Google Analytics.